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Date: 2022-09-02
Ticket #: 89543
Store Code: CDH
Ph# 4 digits: 5889
Name: Linda
Wonderfully sharp and clean. Removed bad rust. Thank you!*****
Thanks Linda for the positive feedback. Be aware that rust returns very quickly given the Houston humidity I'm afraid. Keep the 'bad' areas as dry as you can to minimize any returning rust. Our thanks, DWP
Date: 2022-06-18
Ticket #: 88485
Store Code: MD3
Ph# 4 digits: 946
The newly sharpened grass shears have a better cutting area than when they were new!
Good to know!  Thanks for taking the time & posting here for us.  DWP
Date: 2022-04-09
Ticket #: 87570
Store Code: KTY
Ph# 4 digits: 312
Name: Stuart Michalk
This was the 2nd time I used you. The first time it was great. This time my chainsaw chain was dull within 5 minutes. Not sure if it was even sharpened.
Hi Stuart.

Sorry to be a little slow getting back to you but I had a wedding to go to 2 weeks ago & last week was I.R.S. shot.  :-p

Your Stihl #1, 55L is actually a pretty good chain steel quality wise (as compared to their poor like cousins from Oregon).

But these little chains have a pretty short 'life cycle' I'm afraid under even 'normal' usage.

The fact that your chain ran 'ok' for a short amount of time screams (to me anyway) that your chain was actually 'sharpened' by one of my guys in our shop.

However, all chains have weaknesses in terms of do's & don't and getting them anywhere near dirt of any kind is a big 'no-no' for all.

IF you were near any tree roots at all, then the fine dirt around there is like 'kryptonite' to the sharp edge; I'm talking just seconds of usage time, ok?

IF you were cutting any real oak/mesquite/hardwoods, then these little chains aren't up to the task I'm afraid.

Pine trees & boards is just about it on the usage front I'm afraid.  But don't get me started on the tree pine sap there, ok?  :-}

So, in conclusion, I'm pretty sure that we did sharpen your chain as I said earlier but I can't know what you were cutting at the time.

Obviously, only you know for sure.

Perhaps using another sharpening service on your chain & then cutting your same items once more would more definitely 'prove' something there.

Just a thought, thanks for contacting me via my site with your question.

Douglas Pitchford


Date: 2022-03-18
Ticket #: 86589
Store Code: 8658
Ph# 4 digits: 6164
Name: Diane Ryder
5 stars! I had two Ginger sewing shears sharpened better than ever! They are sharp and the price is right! Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time & making your appreciation known here. You are too kind. DWP