GHS Fundamental Facts (1 of 2) :

  • With 100+ item descriptions & pricing on our 'official' blue price lists in each location, you're always informed 'price wise'.

  • For unusual items, feel free to send them to us so that we may evaluate the item(s) and call you back to give you a sharpening price 'quote'.

    If we can't properly sharpen these items, we'll return these normally to you as a 'no charge'.

    Antiques or custom made or silver made products are items that make us 'nervious' unfortunately due to their relative high dollar value.

  • ALL Liabilities are limited to the actual sharpening cost(s) of your item(s).

  • Unfortunately, some 'customers' occasionally send us previously broken, damaged and/or non-working products or items to sharpen normally.

    Worse, they then claim later on that GHS broke or damaged the item in our shop during the sharpening process.

    'Ugly' as we can't 'prove' that we didn't break or damage the item in question obviously.

    Therefore, see official 'Liability' disclaimer above in the just previous (3).