Welcome to GHS' Wall of Shame:

GHS has always 'worked' on a hand shake basis and with a handful of simple Do's and Don'ts for decades with mostly hardware stores of every variety.

‘They’ got to 'hold' all the money involved until the end of the month when we send them a detailed statement / bill of all the prior calendar month transactions.

‘They’ have a store 'log book' in-house to see all transactions all the time so everything is very 'transparent' dollar wise.

‘They’ each get their like 'cut' every month so nobody goes hungry, right?

This generally works very smoothly until new top management and / or owners take over occasionally.

Some of these people aren't apparently 'told' the previous sharpening ground 'rules' as they are so simple, easy & common sense.

Eventually, the new ‘Powers-That-Be’ steps 'hard' on my sharpening toes unwittingly at first.

A 'chat' ensues relatively soon and there are two general reactions:

(1) "Oh hey, Doug; so sorry, I didn't know.  What can we do to make this right between us?" say the good guys.

Want to guess what the bad guys say?

(2) "Says you, peon.  I'll pay you what I owe you when I feel like it.  Too bad if you don't like.  My store, my rules, period."

Funny thing; they're mostly right.  It's their place & I'm a 'guest' there.

Go ahead and change the verbal agreement between us unilaterally but you might want to discuss it with me beforehand, yes?

Too easy, right?

Fortunately, these 'bad guys' are very few and far in between but there's a black sheep in every family.  Sigh.

Bering's Hardware - Bissonnet 3900 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77005 (713) 665-0500 www.berings.com
Bering's Hardware - Westheimer 6102 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77057 (713) 785-6400 www.berings.com

Good, upscale client since the late '90s.  Great traditional hardware stores.  Great employees and lower management but upper management churn in 2018 apparently.

The ‘new’ CFO?  Never met him BUT he loved giving away my $$$ at his whim.  A friendly store manager gave me a wink & a nod that it was time for us to part company.  Done the next day & gone.

3 months later, the CFO with the very nicely scented stationery wrote me to tell me to stop sending my past-due monthly bills to him as he wasn't paying, period.

Want a copy of his letter?  Embarrassing for him anyway.  End rant.

Nearest alternative locations for GHS:

GHS @ Rockler Woodworking & Hardware - Houston
3265 Southwest Fwy
(Between Buffalo Speedway & Edloe)
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 622-6567

GHS @ Southland Hardware
1822 Westheimer  (Just East of Shepherd)
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 529-4743

GHS @ C&D Do-It-Best Hardware
314 East 11th St  (Just East of Yale)
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 861-3551

10% a month *
interest 01/31/20 $916.77 01/31/21 $2,877.22
02/28/20 $1,008.45 02/28/21 $3,164.94
03/30/20 $1,109.29 03/31/21 $3,481.43
04/30/19 $388.80 04/30/20 $1,220.22 04/30/21 $3,829.58
05/31/19 $427.68 05/31/20 $1,342.24 05/31/21 $4,212.53
06/30/19 $470.45 06/30/20 $1,476.47 06/30/21 $4,633.79
07/31/19 $517.49 07/31/20 $1,624.11 07/31/21 $5,097.17
08/31/19 $569.24 08/31/20 $1,786.53 08/31/21 $5,606.88
09/30/19 $626.17 09/30/20 $1,965.18 09/30/21 $6,167.57
10/31/19 $688.78 10/31/20 $2,161.70 10/31/21 $6,784.33
11/30/19 $757.66 11/30/20 $2,377.87 11/30/21 $7,462.76
12/31/19 $833.43 12/31/20 $2,615.65 12/31/21 $8,209.04
* the going rate for 'payday lenders' apparently.  Who knew? 🙂

Ordinary Thieves in the stores:

I've been looking forward to 'outing' these turds as I get 1 or 2 every year it seems. 😮

Not a real problem obviously but it's the point, yes?

Kurt Boylston - 832-245-9920 - 2020-Oct

Grabbed his order of hatchet, kitchen scissor, polesaw and 3 knives for $48.25 with the usual smack talk and hand in jacket pocket implying a threat routine and running out the front door.  Cameras everywhere.   I've got some nice mug shots; want a copy?