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Date: 2023-02-07
Ticket #: 92251
Store Code: LGH
Ph# 4 digits: 507
Name: Robert
Wife is saying that the scissors are duller now than before sharpening. She has been searching for a good hair scissor sharpener, and stated that they are hard to find. She also said that the kitchen knife is razor sharp!
Hi Robert.

Adjusting scissor 'tension' via the center screw after sharpening them is always a bit difficult.

Like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", getting the center screw tightened 'perfectly' to an individual's hand strength is a matter of 'too loose', 'too tight' & 'just right'.

If you were to use the same scissor yourself, you could oddly find the scissor working just fine for you.

Regardless, you could try tightening/loosening the center screw yourself, if you wish, to improve your wife's results, hopefully.

But feel free to return the scissor (helpfully with the previous ticket # 92251) to the store & tell me to tight/loosen the center screw for you.

It's also possible for older scissors that the threads of the center screw are somewhat 'stripped' from regular usage over time.

In this case, I can 'adjust' the tension once more, but the tension won't 'hold' because of the previous thread damage.

This is rare but 1 in 20 I'm afraid.

Contact me via Douglas@GreaterHoustonSharpening.com as you wish but please mention #92251/LGH.

Thanks for taking the time here to let me know what you think about GHS.

DW Pitchford


Date: 2024-02-13
Ticket #: 96263
Store Code: MAG
Ph# 4 digits: 2633
Name: Eddie Robinson
I have this mulching mower blade sharpened every year. Nice sharp edge and blade is polished. Will continue to use GHS next fall.
Thanks for the praise & taking your time here to say so. DWP
Date: 2023-03-20
Ticket #: 0
Store Code: 0000
Ph# 4 digits: 6625
Name: Janice Rayfield
5 stars. Did not see your note in time to keep my ticket, My order was 2pairs of scissors(Richards of Sheffield, inlaid)in at Spring Ace, picked up 3,13,23.Thank you !!!
Date: 2023-02-15
Ticket #: 91121
Store Code: TH
Ph# 4 digits: 8688
My 20+ -year old Henkels chef’s knife is like new. I’ll be taking other kitchen knives and maybe scissors!
Date: 2022-10-20
Ticket #: 988888
Store Code: CIR
Ph# 4 digits: 3869
Great guys, do a good job everytime. Very recommended. Tony
Thanks!  dwp