GHS Fundamental Facts (2 of 2):

  • However, many items come to us bent or misaligned due to the poor quality of today's steel based products.

    99% of the time, we have the experience and/or skill to use limited heat & force to try to 'correct' these issues.

    An analog is rebending a 'paper clip' back to it's original position or close enough so that the tool can regain it's old function once again.

    Unfortunately, some of today's poor quality steel would rather fracture / break then bend like 'normal' steel.

    Ever seen a 1/4" thick piece of steel break like a piece of glass?  Scary, ok?

    For those rare occasions, we normally return those items 'as is' as fractured steel is obviously a manufacturing defect, period.

  • On those occasions, where GHS attempts a repair or 'fix' to restore a tool back to it's designed position; Murphy's Law, ok?

    Using steel shop tools to bend / repair previous customer caused 'issues' is more art than science.

    The most common problem is nearby plastic pieces or parts breaking like their steel cousins.  Sigh.

    However, part of the 'job', right?

    A 1% chance of this happening BUT a clear policy needs to spelled out beforehand, yes?

    Unfortunately, getting the exact make & model is impossible most of the time given the annual changes / re-designs common nowadays.

  • In these rare circumstance, GHS will replace these items with current 'like' products to you for only the normal sharpening cost / price.