Greater Houston Sharpening

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    Why does GHS pricing seem a bit higher that I expected?

  • To get your item(s) sharpened inside 7 days, I have to:

    1. Get into my Jeep and physically drive over to the hardware store of your choice.
    2. Pick up your item(s) and drive back to The Woodlands area.
    3. Actually sharpen your item(s).
    4. Get back in my Jeep and physicaly drive back once again to the hardware store of your choice.
    5. Deliver and ‘check in’ said item(s) there.

    A lot of work, time and energy on my part, yes?

    Just think about delivering your item(s) to The Woodlands to me alone.  For most, it’s a long drive
    and don’t think about the usual traffic, ok?

    Well worth the extra dollar or two, yes?