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    Who are your major sharpening competitors around Houston?

  • Really? :-)  Assuming that you hunt for them online, there are still a few around H-Town.

    Circle Saw has been around for 50+ years as best I remember.  Nice guys, really.

    They still have some people in the back there who know their sharpening and 'do' a good job on the relatively few items that they still sharpen for the public.

    Check out their website at www.CircleSaw.com.  Ok, look hard for the 'sharpening' link at the bottom of their main page.  Good pricing, really, on the 'small' number of items that they still sharpen.

    The 'catch'?  You get to drive all the way to 610 & 290 to drop off your item(s) there and get a claim check and then drive home again.

    Then, in a few business days, drive back to 610 & 290 to pick-up your item(s) with your claim check.  Sound familar?
    Then happily drive home once more knowing that you've saved a couple of bucks off my like GHS sharpening fees.

    Still happy as you poke along through the H-Town traffic there and back TWICE? :-)

    The rest?  Mostly 'mobile' knife & scissor sharpeners looking to make a honest living no doubt.

    The truth?  Except for the $50 fee that some charge upfront to pay for their gasoline, they are somewhat cheaper per knife just like Circle Saw.

    'Break even' point for you dollar wise is probably 10-15 knives to get sharpened.  Work for you?

    Oh! You want something other than knives & scissors sharpened by someone who has some actual experience on literally hundreds of different items each week?  GHS is still nearby at
    your convenience.