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    What is your refund policy?

  • First, we ask that you return the item in question to the location where you originally dropped it off.

    Also, including the original ticket or claim check will greatly speed up everything time wise.

    Next, let us know as best you can exactly what is not 'working' for you?  Not cutting at the point, a little too stiff on the screw tension front, some specifics, please.

    That's it on your part to get the 'process' rolling forward for you as best we can.

    Unfortunately, handling by non-owners with the original 'order' along the way from us to you and back isn't always kind, gravity is unforgiving and Murphy's Law is always waiting.

    We understand, ok?  Sometimes, life happens and we try to meet everyone halfway in these circumstances.

    Best we can 'do' is look at your item once again after you've sent it back to us for some TLC.

    But frankly, we've had to 'limit' such TLC by a 30 day time frame to be equally fair to GHS in these situations.  We hope you understand or we'll be applying TLC for months and months and months afterwards.

    However, IF our TLC efforts are still 'unsatisfactory' to you afterwards, we hope that you can give us some more specifics at that point also.

    If we can only 'agree to disagree' at that point, then we'll authorize the location involved to give your a full refund on the original order, tax included.

    However, try to remember that this is a weekly service and that it can take 2-3 weeks to get to this concluding point even if all goes well on everybody's part.

    Our thanks in advance for working with GHS to 'solve' your issue as best possible for all.