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    My item(s) don’t cut like I was expecting them to after sharpening?

  • Assuming that it's NOT the 'razor sharp' issue of long running infamy (click HERE) then it's most likely scissor oriented.

    Unfortunately, most scissors are relatively 'delicate' creatures that prefer to be left alone mostly.(or click HERE)

    They don't like being dropped to the floor or have heavy things put on top of them or twisted in any way.

    But the real world doesn't look out for these very well I'm afraid.  Handling by non-owners along the way isn't always kind, gravity is unforgiving and Murphy's Law is always waiting.

    We understand, ok?  Sometimes, life happens and we try to meet everyone halfway in these circumstances.

    Best we can 'do' is look at these once again after you've sent them back to us for some loving help.

    Let us know, as best you can, exactly what is not 'working' for you?  Not cutting at the point, a little too stiff on the screw tension front, some specifics, please.

    Finally, we've had to 'limit' such TLC by a 30 day time frame to be equally fair to GHS in these situations.  We hope you understand or we'll be applying TLC for months and months and months afterwards.

    See the FAQ about how we normally sharpen scissors for more information.(or click HERE)