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    How much does it cost to get my item(s) sharpened?

  • GHS sharpens over 100+ different item(s) every week.

    That's why we have a single 'Price Sheet' with most everything included there in some way.

    We can't see your item(s) where you're 'at' clearly, so please view the 'Pricing link' here or just below to see how GHS has our price sheet divided into categories and individual item pricing.

    Fortunately, a double bit ax is easy to match up and see our price there and most of our items are likewise single item pricing.

    However, some 'categories' like knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, clipper blades, etc. have 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large' size pricing due to their physical size differences.

    Scissors are a good example of 'sizing'; itty bitty embroidery scissors all the way up to huge upholstery scissors.  It's that simple.

    Check out our price sheet to answer your question(s) in more detail.  Thanks.(or click HERE)